Are There Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Brown Sugar? Why You Can Do Without It

So, you love cookies! The chocolate chip, coconut, hazelnut, and the other flavors and you wonder are there chocolate chip cookies without brown sugar? This is because you like the way a cookie breaks in the mouth and the way it goes soft when it meets your tongue.

You get the feeling of nostalgia, remembering Thanksgiving, St Patrick’s Day, or the 4th of July.  A bite is so good you feel at home and in serenity.

Now that is the cookie feeling that everyone is familiar with especially when it’s hot and fresh out of the oven. However, many people often only relate to the regular cookies with traditional ingredients and are not in tune with the other flavors there are which could be because of different reasons.

This article will discuss chocolate chip cookies whose key ingredient is brown sugar. Most importantly, it will help you know if there are chocolate chip cookies without brown sugar and many more.

What Are Chocolate Chip Cookies?

It is a type of cookie that is made with chocolate morsels. This cookie type is native to the United States because of Ruth Grave Wakefield who chopped Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate bar into chips and added them to the cookie recipe.

For a standard chocolate chip cookie, you should have your flour, butter, brown sugar or white sugar, chocolate chips, eggs, and vanilla.

If you adhere to the vegan lifestyle, there are also chocolate chip cookies made specifically to cater to your diet.

These cookies are devoid of any stuff that is in contradiction to the vegan lifestyle.

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Are There Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Brown Sugar?

Yes, there are. Even though you think you need brown sugar to get that all-around essence, you must know that even without this, you can still bake a great cookie.

This is because brown sugar is white sugar mixed with molasses. The molasses is what changes the white color into brown. It is a syrup created from refined white sugar that has a caramel flavor.  

Also, white sugar allows your cookies to rise more than brown does but the former makes it moister. The moistness, however, is not hinged entirely on brown sugar, making a nice pastry, and mixing your ingredient with the dough accurately and like it should be done can also give you the moistness brown sugar will naturally give.

Why Should You Go for Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Brown Sugar?

You should eat chocolate chip cookies without brown sugar because it is the same as brown sugar baked cookies.

The result is mainly the same although the difference in both lies in the presence of treacle in brown sugar and nothing more.

That brown sugar having molasses doesn’t necessarily make it more nourishing than white sugar. There could be an advantage but with little or no gap in bodily benefits.

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Alternative to Brown Sugar in Cookies

In the absence of brown sugar, there are other options you can use in baking your cookies asides from plain white sugar. These preferences are good and would produce the same result brown sugar would.

Coconut sugar

This is a great substitute for brown sugar although, using coconut sugar sometimes makes cookies dryer or not as moist as when brown sugar is present. However, it is a good option nonetheless and contains lots of health benefits.

Molasses and white sugar

Brown sugar is a mix of white sugar and molasses therefore, you can get plain white sugar and molasses to make brown sugar for your cookie.

Unrefined sugar

This is another great alternative for your cookie. Turbinado and Demerara are refined sugars that you can swap for when making your cookies.

The only issue with raw sugar is that it sometimes doesn’t blend properly with dough as brown sugar would. However, you will get that caramel flavor like that of brown sugar.

Muscovado sugar

Muscovado sugar contains molasses so is a good substitute for brown sugar. The good thing about this sugar is that it makes cookies softer and moister than brown sugar would making it a more desirable choice.

Consequently, this also makes the cookie a bit stickier as compared to brown sugar

Maple syrup and white sugar

Swap molasses with maple syrup and combine with white sugar to replace your brown sugar. It is a great option and is easily accessible.

5 Must-Have Ingredients for Your Chocolate Chip Cookies

Originally, the key ingredients to making your chocolate chip cookies are brown sugar, chocolate morsels, eggs, flour, salt, hot water, baking soda, and vanilla. These are the must-have inherent ingredients you should use when making your cookie.

However, if you cannot easily access brown sugar and the cookie needs to be baked as quickly as possible, you need to ensure you use the correct ingredient that wouldn’t allow the absence of brown sugar to be detected in the chocolate chip cookie.

  • Chocolate chip is a must-have. Certify they are well-diced and semi-sweet. They must also be of quality to ensure they do not miss up on the cookie mixture.
  • White sugar. Since you don’t have brown sugar in store, you need to have your white sugar on standby.
  • Flour. Make use of unbleached universal flour, not the one used to bake cakes. Unbleached is the best for chocolate chip cookies because it makes them chewy and tender at the same time. You could also use the flour used in making bread.
  • Eggs. Use big jumbo eggs that are fresh without smearing on the shell. Your egg choice can tell the difference if not properly sourced. Remember you do not have brown sugar so you must cover all the areas the lack of this ingredient would have.
  • Also have your baking soda, unsalted butter if you like, and vanilla flavoring to cap the whole components. These remaining ingredients give your cookie the right smell and moistness, and rise your cookie as compared to being cakier.

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How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies Without Brown Sugar

Now that you know the ingredients needed in baking a chocolate chip cookie free of brown sugar. You would find this step-by-step procedure useful.

  • Collect all ingredients together and be sure they are complete
  • Mix the dried ingredients collected such as flour and baking soda in a bowl
  • Mix butter, sugar, vanilla, and eggs in a separate bowl
  • Add mixture into the bowl of flour and baking soda and stir consistently until it forms a dough
  • Once fluffy and thick add chocolate chips and mix lightly
  • Scoop dough into cookie container and bake for 10 to 12 minutes in a heated oven (350oF) until golden brown.


Are there chocolate chip cookies without eggs?

Yes, there are chocolate chip cookies without eggs. This is a type of cookie for people who are on a diet or have s special kind of diet they adhere to.

Some types of cookies without eggs are peanut butter cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, oatmeal cookies, and hazelnut cookies among others.

What are the best chocolate chip cookies without brown sugar?

Majorly because cookies are often homemade and familiar recipes passed down from generation to generation within a family. You will find that there isn’t one type of chocolate chip cookie awarded as the best.

Although we have products like Maryland cookies, Famous Amos, and McVites chocolate chip cookies, crowning one as the overall best would be largely based on personal preference.

Are chocolate chip cookies good for your health?

Yes, there are. Although these are the ones made solely from whole wheat and oat and are rich in B-complex, vitamins, and fiber.

The standard type contains lots of sugar and hydrogenated fats so can be the all-time best for health.

However, you should exercise moderation in their intake because most chocolate chip cookies are made with refined flour and contain lots of sugar and hydrogenated fats.

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How often should you eat chocolate chip cookies?

Yes, there are. Although these are the ones made solely from whole wheat and oat and are rich in B-complex, vitamins, and fiber.

The standard type contains lots of sugar and hydrogenated fats so can be the all-time best for health.

However, you should exercise moderation in their intake because most chocolate chip cookies are made with refined flour and contain lots of sugar and hydrogenated fats.

Can you get gluten-free chocolate chip cookies?

Yes, you can. Although, this could be tricky because they are not so many of these types in the market due to how they must be made.

Consequently, most gluten-free chocolate chip cookies will end up bland, and not so many of the core ingredients will be put in them so they may turn out dry, grainy, and pale.

If you are to make yours, take out all the ingredients that contain gluten and substitute them with anything plant-based. Therefore, the first step is to purchase gluten-free flour from the store. You can try almond flour and look out for others in general stores.


Having read this article, you must have been educated on the not-so-much difference in having brown sugar in your chocolate chip cookie.

It is also pertinent you know that the essence of a chocolate chip cookie without brown sugar lies in how it is made. The lack of brown sugar could cause a huge setback if the cookie components collected are not accurately used, in the right proportion, and at the right time.

Thanks for reading.

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