Learn How To Make Chocolate Milk Cheese With Chocolate Milk

Ever wondered if it is possible to make cheese using chocolate milk? 

Well, it is possible to make cheese from chocolate milk. This concept started when cheesemakers sort to make a new variant of cheese by mixing various dessert ingredients with cheese. 

You can make chocolate cheese by mixing premade chocolate milk beverages with mild cheddar and some flavorings. Making sure your cheddar is nicely aged with a mild flavor so it does not excessively overpower the taste of the chocolate is crucial.

After all, the cheddar would also be responsible for giving your chocolate milk cheese that cheesy, creamy, and delightful flavor.

This article explores all you need to know about chocolate milk cheese, how to make some, if it is safe for consumption, and how it tastes.

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Can you turn chocolate milk into cheese?

Yes, you can turn chocolate milk into cheese. However, the process is typically a long one and it may not taste or even smell well.

chocolate milk cheese - cheffist

It is much easier to make cheese using chocolate powder mixed and whole milk than store-bought chocolate milk. 

Is it safe to eat chocolate milk cheese? 

Yes, it is safe to eat chocolate milk cheese as long you take it in moderation. In fact, studies suggest that eating little amounts of dark chocolate and cheese daily could promote heart health. 

Additionally, fermented dairy such as yogurt was also found to offer similar benefits. However, to get the most of your health benefits from chocolate cheese, chocolate milk made with plant-based milk would be ideal.

Why does chocolate milk make me tired?

Chocolate milk makes you tired and sleepy as it leads to a sugar crash. Chocolate milk contains a lot of sugar which could spike your blood sugar, boost your energy and then temporarily force your body to produce insulin

This insulin rapidly decreases your blood sugar levels in a bid to combat the excess blood sugar and will cause a sugar crash. Sugar crashes generally make you feel weak and sleepy as energy levels drop drastically.

What can you eat with chocolate milk cheese?

You can enjoy your chocolate milk cheese with bread and can also use it as a spread when making delicious chocolate cheese sandwiches. In addition, chocolate cheese can also be used as a side for desserts and cakes. 

The possibilities at which you can enjoy a chocolate cheese are somewhat endless as they can also be enjoyed with toast or crackers as a spread.

To make chocolate milk cheese soft and spreadable like butter, simply apply a little heat to it to allow it to melt.

How does chocolate milk cheese taste?

Chocolate milk cheese somewhat tastes like cheddar whose sharp taste blends with the cocoa, cream, and sugar present in the chocolate milk. This makes its taste rather unique and somewhat different.

Cheddar is known to have a unique taste, and its mixture with chocolate milk gives it a blended flavored mixture of sugar, cheddar, and cocoa. The cocoa present also gives it sharp undertones with a slightly bitter taste.

The flavor and taste of the chocolate cheese also depend on the age of the cheddar being used. A good-age cheddar delivers a mild taste that blends well with chocolate milk.

The addition of other flavoring ingredients like dried fruits or nuts also determines the taste of the chocolate cheese. Chocolate milk cheese has a pleasurable taste when the chocolate milk contains quality cocoa powder and is made with nuts to give a sweet and nutty taste. 

Is chocolate milk cheese healthy?

When eaten in moderation, chocolate milk cheese offers good health benefits. In fact, a study on the cardiovascular system suggests that it can full-fat dairy and chocolate can help protect the heart. 

These findings claim that the consumption of fermented dairy like cheese or yogurt in little quantities could limit the risks of suffering from cardiovascular disease. Chocolate has also been known to promote heart health. 

This is a result of the flavonols present in cocoa. However, to fully enjoy these health benefits, make sure the chocolate milk product was made using real cacao or dark chocolate. 

Dark chocolate unlike most processed chocolate variants (white chocolate or milk chocolate) contains enough antioxidants, flavonols, and other useful nutrients.

Processed chocolate like milk chocolate tends to have a higher sugar content making it unhealthy. Sugar and fat-rich chocolate products can have the opposite effect and lead to heart diseases, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.

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How do you make chocolate milk cheese?

To make cheese using chocolate milk, it is recommended you purchase good-quality chocolate milk to get the best results. You would also need to follow some methods to ensure your cheese solidifies. 

Start your chocolate cheese production by getting the appropriate ingredients. You’ll need chocolate milk and a mesophilic culture. 

Step 1

Start by heating the chocolate milk to 70°F, then add the mesophilic culture to it and stir. Then add sweeteners to the mix like nuts or dried fruits. 

However, note that whatever sweetener you’re adding will not convert your cheese into something sweet. 

Step 2

Add some rennet to the mixture and wait for it to solidify. If you notice it forms small clumps, do not be alarmed, this might be a result of the emulsifiers present in the chocolate milk. 

Step 3

Now press the newly made chocolate cheese curd into a press for about 24 hours, wax, salt, age it, and wait for it to harden enough for consumption.

Note that the result of the chocolate cheese might not be pleasant. You will most likely not get a sweet chocolatey taste as the cheesy taste will remain the dominant flavor.

Also, for optimum results, make use of chocolate milk made using unsweetened cocoa powder.

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Is chocolate cheese gluten-free? 

Yes, in its most natural form, chocolate cheese is gluten-free as it does not contain gluten-based grains.

However, even when chocolate milk does not contain gluten, there’s a likelihood that the processing facility handles gluten-containing foods which might lead to cross-contamination.

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Can you make cheese using breast milk?

Yes, although not conventional and a very weird thing to do, you can make cheese using breast milk.

What kind of dairy should you use to make chocolate cheese?

The majority of the cheeses you see are made using whole milk with just a few exceptions. However, making use of pre-made store-bought chocolate milk is also a suitable option.

How was chocolate milk invented?

Chocolate milk was invented when an Irish botanist, Sir Hans Sloane, was introduced to drinkable cocoa by locals in Jamaica. However, due to the unpleasant taste of pure cocoa, Sloane made it more appealing by replacing water with some milk and sugar. 


Chocolate milk cheese is a great side dish that can be used on many things. From cakes to bread or desserts, all of your favorite foods can be made interesting with the addition of chocolate cheese.

However, I recommend against eating chocolate cheese directly, as it may not taste that good. Despite that one possible downside, chocolate cheese is certainly a food worth trying.

Finally, while chocolate cheese might serve as a great addition to your meal, they do not taste as good as regular cheese. Here are some of the most popular cheeses that exist and how they differ from chocolate cheese. 

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.