Taco Cart Catering: How To Order, Catering Menu, Packages, And Prices

“It’s not just tacos, it’s an experience” – that’s the mantra that drives Taco Cart Catering to deliver top-notch mouth-watering tacos. 

Not only that, they specialize in providing authentic Mexican dishes at events and gatherings of all types to suit your needs. 

So, if you’re considering going Mexican for your next corporate events, or private parties with family and friends, go for Taco Cart Catering services.

Check out the meals available on their menu and the kind of events they cater for in this review. 

Taco Cart Catering: Overview 

What makes them special:

  • Timeliness 
  • Commitment to work 
  • Incredible customer service 
  • Swift delivery service 
  • Ability to cater to any amount of people 
  • Bespoke service offering 

About Taco Cart Catering 

Taco Cart Catering started in the year 2014 and has lost count of the number of events they have catered to. They have provided their bespoke services to corporate events, special events, and small and large private parties. 

Taco Cart specializes in creating unique Taco experiences for guests in baby showers, Christmas parties, new year parties, weddings, sweet sixteen, and several other events.

Their menu includes Pollo Assado (grilled chicken), Carne Asada (grilled steak), AI Pastor (grilled pork), Vegetarian Tacos (grilled bell pepper and mushrooms), and the exquisite, one-of-a-kind La Picosita Green Salsa, which makes every delicacy tastier. 

How does Taco Cart Catering work?

Taco Cart offers full-service catering for your events and needs. They offer a Mexican buffet and setup, so, they will serve your guest and work with you to coordinate the detail of your event and make it memorable.

If you need them to do a drop-off too, you can contact them through the details on their website to tell them about your venue and meal choice. 

The good thing is that mobility is not an issue. Taco Cart can travel far distances to cater to your offset events, family reunions, or what have you.

They set up a real taco cart for cooking quality meat right in front of guests so food is served fresh and hot.

In addition, the company arrives at the venue one and a half-hour before the start of your event to set up and start cooking.

They serve you and your guests all types of tacos for two hours, alongside a variety of meats, sides, sauces, and drinks.

Perhaps you’ll like your order delivered to you, Taco Cart can get that done swiftly and timely.

How do you order Taco Cart Catering?

Ordering Taco Cart’s catering services is easy. You can do this through the official website or their social media platforms.

Log on to the website and click on the “contact us” icon right on the homepage. Right there, you’ll see the contact number, email address, and a form to enter your details. 

Taco Cart is ready to answer your questions and take your dietary concerns to provide you with seamless services.

Ensure you finalize your request and get all necessary details on cost and delivery before anticipating their services.

Taco Cart Catering menu & package 

Taco offers two different packages for clients and they vary in price and menu:

Package 1

Meat choices

  • Pollo Asado (Grilled Chicken)
  • Carne Asada (Grilled Steak )
  • Pastor (Grilled Pork)


  • Medium 
  • Spicy
  • Spicy Hot
  • Green Salsa La Picosita

Side dishes

  • Chips 
  • Corn Tortillas 
  • Beans 
  • Rice 
  • Grilled Jalapeños 
  • Grilled Onions 
  • Limes 
  • Cilantro 
  • Onions 
  • Cucumber 

Agua Fresca drinks

  • Horchata 
  • Jamaica 
  • Pineapple 
  • Tamarindo 

Package 2

Meat choices

  • Pollo Asado (Grilled Chicken)
  • Carne Asada (Grilled Steak )
  • Pastor (Grilled Pork)

Side dishes

  • Sour Cream 
  • Guacamole 
  • Cheese 
  • Vegetables 
  • Flour Tortillas 

Agua Fresca drinks

  • Horchata 
  • Jamaica 
  • Pineapple 
  • Tamarindo 

Specialty item

  • Chile Verde (Pork)
  • Chile Rojo (Beef)
  • Cheese Quesadillas 
  • Taquitos (Beef Or Chicken)
  • Chicharron en Chile Verde
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Why order Taco Cart Catering?

If you’re wondering if choosing Taco Cart services will be worth it, let me help you choose:

  • Exceptional customer service 
  • 1 hour 30 minutes arrival before the event starts
  • They go above and beyond to make your event a success
  • Able to cater to all event types 
  • Customizable menu to suit your needs 
  • Sumptuous Tacos 
  • Homemade sauces

What occasions can Taco Cart cater for?

Taco Cart takes pride in its top-notch service delivery. Additionally, they provide one of the best tacos around.

So, you can rest assured that you and your guests will have an unforgettable catering experience at your event. 

Taco Cart is available to cater at:

  • Corporate events  
  • Small and large private gatherings 
  • Sweet Sixteens
  • Quinceaneras
  • Weddings
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Baby Showers
  • Christmas Parties
  • New Years Parties 
  • Themed events

How much do Taco Cart services cost?

There is no specific price for each item on the menu. However, there is a per-head cost depending on the package. Package 1 costs $16.95 per guest while package 2 costs $17.95 per guest. 

It is important to note that this price is based on a minimum count of 45 to 75 guests. For fewer or more guests, contact them to work out a price. 


Is Taco Cart Catering a restaurant? 

No. Taco Cart Catering is not a restaurant but a cart. They specialize in offering catering services to customers. 

What is Taco Cart’s minimum order? 

The minimum order is between 45 to 75 guests. However, you can work something out with them if you have fewer or more guests. 

Does Taco Cart Catering offer coupons and promo codes? 

No, Taco Cart does not offer discounts or coupons to customers. 

Is Taco Cart Catering worth it? 

Expect nothing short of the best service and Mexican delicacies when you patronize Taco Cart Catering.

Your event is important to you and the entire setup matters. You certainly wouldn’t want anything to go wrong with the food.

Taco Cart has had the opportunity to host and provide a unique experience for guests over the years. Their reputation precedes them and they are overly committed to great service. 

Why not go Mexican at your next corporate meeting or family event, and let Taco Cart Catering worry about your guests’ palate and comfort? 

I hope this review helped. Thanks for reading. 

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