19 Delicious Dishes You Can Make With Cornbread Leftovers

You don’t have to watch your cornbread waste as there are several ways to put your leftovers to good use. There are exciting recipes you can make with the bread if you have no idea what to do with cornbread leftovers. 

Cornbread leftovers can be versatile and can serve as a supporting or main ingredient in a dish. The leftovers still have a good flavor profile as the fresh ones. You can use your leftover cornbread as fillings, toppings, add-ons, and others. 

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What is Cornbread?

Cornbread is often referred to as a classic Southern food as it is very common among American families. Cornbread is bread made from cornmeal, eggs, and oil. It can be prepared in diverse ways but the main ingredients remain cornmeal, eggs, and oil. 

It originates from the earliest American history amongst Native Americans who grew corn. Corn was a versatile food used for cake, bread, and porridge back then. Later on, the Europeans learned about corn and it became a staple food around the globe. 

Cornbreads were called ash cakes then because it was made on open hearths and planks. It later got names like Johnny Cake, spoon bread, Dodgers, and others.

What Can You Do with Cornbread Leftovers?

1. Cornbread Croutons

Here’s the easiest dish you can make with your cornbread leftovers. Croutons are easy and quick to make as they don’t require lots of ingredients or time. All you have to do is cut your cornbread into small cubes and season them with herbs and spices. 

If you want them to be crispy, bake them in the oven and add them to other crunchy dishes. You can use these croutons as toppings to your salad, soup, or chilis. If you’ll end up pairing the bread cubes with another food, be sure to tune down the seasoning a little. 

2. Fried Cornbread And Eggs

Another quick breakfast or lunch you can make with cornbread leftovers is fried cornbread and eggs. Frying your cornbread will give it a more defined texture. The crunchiness gives the bread makes it a very comforting dish along with the soft, tender eggs. 

You can also add toppings like cheese, chili sauce, jalapenos, and others to it for better taste and flavor. This is a simple dish that can serve as a quick breakfast or lunch. 

3. Kale Salad With Cornbread Croutons

Adding some cornbread Croutons from your leftovers is a good way to top your kale salad. This simple and easy kale salad recipe is quick to make and a great way to add veggies to your diet. 

Kale salad is known to be a great source of nutrition. It contains high vitamins and minerals contents that are good for your immune system. Add some croutons to your plate of creamy kale salad to give it an exciting texture and taste. You can serve this as a full or side dish. 

4. Chili With Cornbread Croutons

A combination of chili sauce and cornbread croutons is one of the best dishes to try during winter. The spicy chili sauce will provide a good amount of warmth for you. Adding cornbread croutons to it will make it more satisfying. 

This creamy dish is filling and easy to prepare. Depending on how much chili you use, the taste can range from mild to intense hot. The combination of the flavors from the two ingredients complements each other nicely. This makes it even more satisfying.

5. Cornbread Buttermilk Soup

Buttermilk is a kind of milk that’s quite different from regular milk. It is a fermented drink and it is a lot thicker. It has a unique taste with a slightly sour undertone and with a creamy taste. You can make it into a soup instead of using it the usual way. Seems crazy? I know. But a taste of it will convince you.

Adding cornbread to the soup will give you an even more delicious taste that you can’t get enough of. The bread will add a special crunch to the dish and make it filling enough to serve as a whole meal. You can eat the soup cold or hot, depending on your preference.

6. Cornbread Crab Cakes

A good way to upgrade your crab cake recipe is by adding cornbread leftovers to it. The cornbread crumbs will give the cake an extra dash of crunchiness and sweetness to the moist cake. This will make it more enjoyable and satisfying. 

The crabs in the cake are a great appetizer as they taste very delicious and sweet. You can have the cake as a side or an appetizer before the main meal gets ready. You can also eat the cake with any creamy sauce for a more delightful taste. 

7. Cornbread Casserole

Another way to take advantage of your leftover cornbread is to turn it into a massive casserole dish. A casserole recipe that contains sweet and savory flavors will leave the whole family filled and satisfied. 

You can make and serve cornbread casserole for any occasion at all. It works great for big parties or get-togethers. You can also have the leftovers as breakfast the next morning. 

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8. Cornbread Breakfast Casserole

If you always have a busy morning, here’s an easy breakfast you can make with cornbread leftovers. You can even make a breakfast casserole the night before and just reheat it the next morning. 

It is very easy and quick to make as it only requires regular ingredients such as eggs, cheese, sausage, and bacon. Just gather the ingredients and follow the right recipe. It takes less than 30 minutes to come up with a cornbread breakfast casserole. 

9. Cornbread Strata

Strata is a variation of casserole that you can eat for breakfast or brunch. The dish requires the same cooking method as a casserole. However, it contains simpler ingredients such as eggs, cheese, meat, and vegetables.

This is a great way to put leftover cornbread to good use. You can also add sausage to the recipe if you have it available. Cornbread strata is appetizing and has a vibrant flavor profile. 

10. Cornbread Sausage Quiche

This dish will give your breakfasts the right kick. Quinche is a popular French tart that’s made from a combination of eggs, cheese, and other foods of choice. Cornbread sausage quiche combines sausage and cornbread into a delightful quiche mix. 

The dish has a delightful sweet and savory flavor that will brighten up your day. It’s quite easy to come up with this dish with your cornbread leftovers. Just place the ingredients together and place them in the oven. You can serve it as a full breakfast or a side dish. 

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11. Cornbread Chicken Bake

A combination of cornbread and chicken is a perfect match made in the heaven of delicacies. They both have their unique sweet tastes that complement each other nicely. This dish combines cheese with chicken and cornbread to create a plate of pure bliss that you can’t get enough of. 

You can enjoy your cornbread chicken casserole at any time of the day. This dish is a massive casserole that you can serve for breakfast or lunch. You can also refrigerate the leftovers and eat them the next day.

12. Cornbread Pudding

Cornbread pudding is an incredibly versatile dish that you can prepare in several ways. You can make it sweet or savory, or a mixture of both tastes. The outcome of your cornbread pudding depends on the ingredients and toppings you choose for it. 

Cornbread is mildly sweet and would require sugary toppings like syrup or fruit to create a sweet cornbread pudding. The savory variation will require ingredients like sausage d bacon with veggies. You can serve sweet cornbread pudding as summer desserts and savory cornbread pudding at Thanksgiving dinners. 

13. Cornbread Stuffing

You can use your cornbread leftovers to fill up your dishes to create amazing tastes. Instead of eating your cornbread separately, you can mix it with other ingredients for your dish. This will give your dish extra flavor and a crumbly texture. 

14. Stuffed Roasted Chicken With Cornbread

You can stuff your roasted chicken with cornbread leftovers to transform your chicken recipe. The addition of cornbread to this recipe will give it an interesting taste. It will give it a sweeter taste without changing the original taste of your chicken. 

The crunchy nature of the cornbread will complement the tender and juicy nature of your chicken. Just add some gravy on top of the dish and you will have yourself wanting more. 

15. Apple-Cornbread Stuffed Pork Loin

An addition of cornbread is a great way to enjoy your pork loin. This dish is flavorful and filling enough to feed the entire family. You can serve pork loin stuffed with cornbread at a holiday party or family dinner. 

The stuffing is a mixture of apples, cornbread, herbs, and meat. This will give the dish a versatile flavor profile that ranges from fruity, and savory to aromatic. 

16. Cornbread Stuffing Waffles

Stuffing your waffles with cornbread leftovers is a good way to upgrade your waffles recipe. These stuffed waffles are easy and quick to make. It has an incredible crisp and is very filling. 

You can also combine the dish with roasted veggies or turkey to elevate its flavor profile. 

17. Cornbread Salad

Using your cornbread to make salad is a great way to take advantage of your leftovers. This dish is colorful and vibrant. It is also packed with nutritious ingredients. You will definitely like this delectable dish for its tangy taste. 

Cornbread salad combines chunks of cornbread with layers of bacon, fresh vegetables, and cheese. This harmonious combination of ingredients is hard to resist. You can have it for lunch or dinner as it’s easy and quick to make. 

18. Cornbread French Toast

Using your cornbread to create a french toast is a good way to use your leftovers. Even though it won’t taste the same as the original french toast, you will still enjoy it. The dish is slightly crumbly and has a sweet undertone. You can top it with any of your favorite toppings. Adding a simple maple syrup or egg batter will give the cornbread french toast a better flavor. 

19. Cornbread Panzanella

Panzanella is a dish from a recipe made for leftover bread. it combines stale bread with tomatoes, basil, and onions. All you need is to substitute the bread used in the regular recipe with your cornbread leftovers. The combination of these ingredients will give the dish a versatile flavor profile. 

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Are Cornbread Leftovers Still Good?

Cornbread leftovers are still good for up to a week in the refrigerator. They can stay good at room temperature if you store them properly. Ensure that you confirm that the bread is still good before you use it for other recipes. 


Can you eat leftover cornbread?

Yes, you can. As long as it is still good, you can eat your leftover cornbread. Storing your cornbread properly is important to keep them good for consumption. 

Can you moisten dry cornbread?

Yes, you can. Top the dry cornbread with butter once you take it out of the oven. This will help to moisten it. You can also add the butter before and after reheating the cornbread in the microwave.

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Who knew cornbread could be this incredibly versatile? I bet you didn’t. There are diverse ways to take advantage of your cornbread leftovers without wasting them. Simply add them to other dishes as they can serve as stuffings, toppings, and main ingredients in several dishes. 

Choose a recipe that suits your taste and get creative with it by adding other appropriate ingredients. The versatility of cornbread allows you to use the leftovers to make casseroles, salad, waffles, and others with it. 

Thanks for reading. 

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