See The Latest Texas Roadhouse Gluten Free Menu

Enjoy a mouth-watering gluten-free lifestyle with delicious meals on the Texas Roadhouse gluten free menu. 

From Specialty Chickens to Hand-Cut Steaks, Salads, and also Signature Cocktails, the Texas Roadhouse Gluten-free menu has a variety of meals that make maintaining a gluten-free diet easy. 

Are you gluten intolerant but looking for a good meal? This article lists all the gluten-free meals and drinks you can enjoy on the Texas Roadhouse menu. 

About Texas Roadhouse

Established by W. Kent Taylor in 1993, after he drew his plans on a cocktail napkin, Texas Roadhouse is an American Steakhouse that serves specialty steaks that also deliver a Texan and Southwestern Cuisine Style. 

Additionally, Texas Roadhouse is operated and is a subsidiary of Texas Roadhouse Inc, which also manages two other concepts. Currently, Texas Roadhouse Inc is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Also, Texas Roadhouse specializes in preparing great valued food from scratch at an affordable rate. The steakhouse chain also currently operates about 627 chains globally, with its locations being spread across 49 states in the United States. 

What Time Does Texas Roadhouse Open? 

Texas Roadhouse begins operations at 11:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm from Mondays to Sundays. However, the Texas Roadhouse operational hours are not uniform across all locations. 

For example, the Texas Roadhouse located at 3033 East Sam Houston Pkwy S, Pasadena, TX 77503, United States, opens at 3:45 pm on weekdays and closes by 10:00 pm, while weekend hours start at 10:45 am and end at 11:00 pm. 

Another example is the Texas Roadhouse at 4807 Waterview Meadow Dr, Richmond, TX 77407, United States, which opens from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm on weekdays (11:00 pm on Fridays), but opens at 11:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays. 

You can also confirm with your local Texas Roadhouse about their specific operating hours. 

Does Texas Roadhouse Have a Gluten-Free Menu?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse also offers gluten-free meals that do not contain gluten, making them suitable for those on strict gluten-free diets. In addition, the Texas Roadhouse Gluten-free menu is not only limited to meals, and also covers alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. 

What Kind of Items Are on the Texas Roadhouse Gluten-Free Menu?

You can find the following meals and drinks on the Texas Roadhouse Gluten-free menu;

Just For Starters

Texas Roadhouse offers the following gluten-free starters;

  • Bleu Cheese Dressing 
  • Ranch Dressing 
  • Cajun Horseradish Sauce
  • Texas Roadhouse Barbecue Sauce 


  • California Chicken Salad

Salad Dressings 

You can add the following gluten-free salad dressings to your salads;

  • Bleu Cheese Dressing 
  • Honey Mustard Dressing 
  • Caesar Dressing 
  • Honey French Dressing 
  • Italian Dressing 
  • Honey Lime Sauce
  • Low Fat Ranch Dressing
  • Oil & Vinegar
  • Parmesan Peppercorn Dressing 
  • Ranch Dressing 
  • Thousand Island Dressing  

Salad Toppings

You can add the following gluten-free toppings to your salads;

  • Bacon 
  • Bleu Cheese Crumbles 

Hand-Cut Steaks

You can order the following gluten-free hand-cut steaks from Texas Roadhouse; 

  • Bone-In Ribeye
  • Dallas Filet
  • Ft. Worth Ribeye
  • New York Strip (Thick Cut and Traditional Cut)
  • Porterhouse T-Bone
  • USDA Choice Sirloin

Hand-Cut Steaks Sauce & Smother Options 

You can add the following smother or sauce options to your Texas Roadhouse hand-cut steaks;

  • Creamy Horseradish Sauce
  • Horseradish
  • Bleu Cheese Crumbles 
  • Fire Roasted Green Chile 
  • Monterey Jack Cheese
  • Mushrooms 
  • Shrimp 

Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs 

  • Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs (Half Slab and Full Slab)

Texas Size Combos

Texas Roadhouse offers the following gluten-free combo meals;

  • Sirloin & Ribs (6 oz, 8 oz, and 12 oz)
  • Ft. Worth Ribeye & Ribs
  • Grilled BBQ Chicken & Sirloin
  • Dallas Filet & Ribs 
  • Grilled BBQ Chicken & Ribs

Chicken Specialties & Sauces 

Texas Roadhouse offers the following Chicken Specialties and Sauces;

  • California Chicken Dinner 
  • Grilled BBQ Chicken 
  • Herb Crusted Chicken 
  • Honey Mustard 
  • Hot Sauce 
  • Mild Sauce 
  • Ranch 
  • Texas Roadhouse Barbecue Sauce 

Country Dinners 

  • Bone-In Pork Chop

Dockside Favorites & Sauces 

  • Grilled Salmon 
  • Creole Mustard 
  • Tartar Sauce 

Legendary Sides, Extras & Toppings

Texas Roadhouse offers the following sides, toppings, and extras;

  • Applesauce 
  • Baked Potato 
  • Buttered Corn 
  • Fresh Vegetables 
  • Green Beans 
  • Mashed Potatoes 
  • Sauteed Mushrooms 
  • Steamed Broccoli 
  • Sweet Potato
  • Bacon 
  • Cheddar Cheese 
  • Sour Cream 
  • Whipped Butter 

Legendary Sides – Sweet Potato Toppings

Add any of the following sides to your gluten-free sweet potato meals;

  • Brown Sugar 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Honey Cinnamon Butter 
  • Marshmallows
  • Honey Cinnamon Caramel Sauce 
  • Whipped Butter 

Soft Drinks & Beverages 

You can order the following soft drinks and beverages from the Texas Roadhouse menu;

  • Coca-Cola 
  • Diet Coke 
  • Dr. Pepper 
  • Hi-C Fruit Punch 
  • Minute Maid Lemonade 
  • Hic-C Orange 
  • Sprite
  • Regular Coffee 
  • Decaffeinated Coffee 
  • Dasani Bottled Water 
  • Apple Juice 
  • Orange Juice 
  • Chocolate Milk 
  • Regular Milk 

Flavored Lemonades

You can order the following gluten-free flavored lemonades;

  • Blue Crush Lemonade 
  • Red Raspberry Lemonade 
  • Wild Raspberry Lemonade 

Iced Teas

Texas Roadhouse offers the following Ice Teas on its menu;

  • Original Sweet Iced Tea 
  • Peach Sweet Iced Tea 
  • Original Unsweet Iced Tea 
  • Raspberry Sweet Iced Tea 
  • Peach Unsweet Iced Tea
  • Raspberry Unsweet Iced Tea 


You can enjoy the following margaritas from the Texas Roadhouse menu;

  • Hurricane Margarita – Frozen
  • Jamaican Cowboy Margarita – Frozen  
  • Hurricane Margarita – Rocks 
  • Jamaican Cowboy Margarita – Rocks 
  • Frozen Mango Margarita
  • Mango Margarita –  Rocks 
  • Frozen Original Margarita 
  • Original Margarita – Rocks 
  • Frozen Raspberry Margarita 
  • Raspberry Margarita – Rocks 
  • Sangria Margarita – Rocks 
  • Frozen Sangria Margarita 
  • Strawberry Margarita – Rocks 
  • The Legend Margarita 
  • Strawberry Margarita – Frozen

Margarita Kickers

  • 1800 Kicker
  • Patron Kicker

Signature Cocktails 

You can order the following signature cocktails from Texas Roadhouse;

  • Armadillo Punch 
  • Kenny’s Cooler 
  • Long Island Iced Tea 
  • Sangria Red 
  • Southern Whiskey Long Island Iced Tea 
  • Texas Peach Fuzz 
  • Top-Shelf Long Island Tea

Signature Kicker 

  • Island Kicker 


Texas Roadhouse offers the following wines on its gluten-free menu;

  • Blush Wine 
  • Red Wine 
  • White Wine 

Is There a Gluten-Free Menu for Kids at Texas Roadhouse?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse also offers a gluten-free kid-sized menu that your children can enjoy. You can find the following gluten-free meals and beverages on the Texas Roadhouse kids menu;

Kids & Ranger Meals 

  • Kid’s Grilled Chicken 
  • Ranger Meal  – Ranger Rib Basket 
  • Lil’ Dillo Steak Bites 
  • Ranger Meal – Andy’s Steak 

Kids & Ranger Meals – Toppings

  • Cheddar Cheese 

Sides – Kids & Ranger Meals

  • Applesauce 
  • Buttered Corn 
  • Fresh Vegetables 
  • Green Beans 
  • Mashed Potatoes 

Kids Beverages

You can find the following gluten-free beverages in the Texas Roadhouse menu;

  • Blue Crush Lemonade 
  • Coca-Cola 
  • Diet Coke
  • Hi-C Orange  
  • Dr. Pepper 
  • Hi-C Fruit Punch 
  • Minute Maid Lemonade 
  • Red Raspberry Lemonade 
  • Sprite 
  • Wild Strawberry Lemonade

Does Texas Roadhouse offer Gluten-free Specials on its Menu

No, Texas Roadhouse does not offer gluten-free specials on its menu. The restaurant however offers chicken specialties and seafood specialties that are listed on its regular menu. 

Does Texas Roadhouse Host Happy Hour? 

Yes, Texas Roadhouse also offers happy hour discounts. However, the Texas Roadhouse happy hour only affects its drink menu from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Additionally, the happy hour discounts are limited to margaritas and domestic beer drafts. 

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Does Texas Roadhouse Offer the Same Gluten-Free Menu on Weekends?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse offers the same gluten-free meals during the weekend as the ones on its menu on weekdays. However, weekend specials may only be available at participating locations, so confirm with your local Texas Roadhouse. 

Does Texas Roadhouse Offer Any Discount On Its Menu?

Yes, in addition to the discount offered during the happy hour deals on drinks, Texas Roadhouse also offers occasional discounts on its menu to loyal customers. 

Additionally, to partake in these discounts, you have to register to become a Texas Roadhouse VIP Member via their website to receive the latest info on offers and discounts. 

What Do You Need to Order?

To order your preferred gluten-free meals and beverages from the Texas Roadhouse menu, simply visit their official website, choose the nearest location, and confirm your order

Also, you can download the Texas Roadhouse mobile app, and process your order through the app. 


Does Texas Roadhouse offer catering services? 

Yes, Texas Roadhouse also offers catering services by fulfilling large-sized orders and offering robust party platters. 

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Is there a vegan or vegetarian menu at Texas Roadhouse? 

No, Texas Roadhouse does not offer a menu that is dedicated to vegans or also caters to vegetarians. However, you can modify some of the meals on the Texas Roadhouse menu to make them vegan or vegetarian friendly. 

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Is there a risk of allergen cross-contact contamination at Texas Roadhouse?

Yes, just like most restaurants, Texas Roadhouse also has a limited risk of allergen contamination due to cross-contact as they sometimes share utensils and cooking equipment. 

To reduce the risk of your meals being contaminated by allergens that can cause your reaction, contact Texas Roadhouse to inform them of your allergies while ordering. 


From Steak meals to Chicken Specials, Signature Cocktails, Margaritas, Iced Teas, and also Combo meals, the Texas Roadhouse offers a gluten-free solution to meet your dietary standards. 

In addition to the Texas Roadhouse’s extensive gluten-free meals for adults, the restaurant also offers a variety of gluten-free meals for children. This also makes them ideal for families with a gluten intolerance condition as everyone can enjoy their delicious meals. 

However, it is recommended that you inform the restaurant of your gluten insensitivity during purchase to avoid the risks of cross-contact contamination. 

Finally, check out the Chili’s Grill & Bar gluten-free menu for another extensive list of gluten-free American and Mexican cuisine you would love. 

I hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading.